A one-stop refueling station
for every mama’s
heart, soul, mind and body.

You're everyone’s everything and you love that. Most of the time.

Except somewhere between the school run, the 200th runny nose this month
and the 4,000th playdate you’ve been to, you’ve lost track of yourself.

Your batteries are running so low you can’t even find the charger
and even if you did you’d probably forget to plug it in. 
Any energy you have to spare goes to showing the world how F-I-N-E you are
while inside you’re lonely, more than a little resentful and super frustrated.

Worse: you’re pretty sure every. single. other. mama. is. coping.
better. than. you. are. (spoiler alert: they’re not)

 Take a breath.

 You are not alone.

Welcome to MamaFuel, a haven for your weary heart
and a place where you can say it all and not fear judgement. 

Step into the MamaFuel world, lovely.
You can join our free Facebook group here, learn about the MamaFuel Sisterhood below
(it's my FAVOURITE), be reassured by hearing true tales of other mamas
on their own journey through the MamaFuel podcast here
or contact me directly here to see how I can support you.

I can't wait to meet you.

I'd love you to join us inside the warmth of the MamaFuel community. Check out our amazing podcast or step into one of our gatherings (online or in person.) I can't wait to meet you.

Who's behind MamaFuel?

Hi, I’m Anne Ferguson and I help mamas learn to love themselves, feel better inside and out
and connect to amazing community so they never feel alone or “less than” anyone else ever again.

My B-I-G mission is to make sure that there’s NO MAMA LEFT BEHIND. Not one.

I created MamaFuel to support and gather amazing mamas who are ready to get real about motherhood and to shift into massive love for themselves and their sisters. 

I’m raising my two bright sparks in Europe, continents away from family and old friends. I’ll be the first to tell you I sometimes struggle to keep all the balls in the air and that I don’t always keep my cool. Because I’m not here to pretend or gloss over stuff. 

A few years ago I learned (the hard way) that being a superwoman and trying to do it all isn’t good for anyone. Since then I’ve been helping mamas feel seen, supported and connected to themselves and to each other. 

Because we’re so much stronger together, and the world needs mothering now like never before. 

MamaFuel's Values


We speak our truth and meet each other without judgement


We know and trust that vulnerability brings us closer


We welcome and celebrate the diversity of all mamas


We witness, uplift and support each other with love


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