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All fired up

blog passion Dec 12, 2017

Ever wonder what’s at the heart of a project? What gets someone so fired up that they bust through the mental noise and perfectionism and ALL THE FEAR and simply get on with DOING that thing that fires them up so much? 

If you’re reading this post I’m going to assume that you’re at least a little familiar with MamaFuel, and what it’s all about. I’m delighted that you’re here. As momentum builds I wanted to share what’s deep in my soul, what gets ME fired up. 

My mission is big. Heck, it’s HUGE (and hence a little scary). I’m on a mission to make the world a more loving and connected place for mamas around the globe.

I created The Centered Mama Project because I want to eradicate the loneliness and isolation that can mark different stages of our mothering journeys by building communities of sisterhood around the planet. I want to change the paradigm of motherhood to one that is supportive and supported, loving and uplifting.

Studies show that loneliness is a key factor in quality of life and has a measurable effect on rates of illness and mortality. Being connected and held in supportive community is literally life-altering (check out this amazing TED Talk to learn more about the importance of community.)

When we feel seen, valued and nurtured we flourish into our best selves. And when we feel our best, we ARE our best with our families and with our broader communities. That means no more crabby mama, no more crummy personal habits as we stuff down our emotions, no more snapping at our loved ones, and then some.

Everyone wins.

So the BIG goal for MamaFuel is two-fold:

FIRST: to bring us mamas back to the centre of our own lives – where we belong – so that we can see and fully value the amazing woman each of us has become (because we are amazing).

SECOND: to connect all of we amazing mamas in a safe, judgement-free space where we can share experiences, love, learn, laugh and support each other within a (virtual) village. I want to create a world where there’s #nomamaleftbehind. And that gets me super fired up. 

I want to make sure there isn’t a single mama left behind because of her geographic location, race, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, financial reality, beliefs, education, parenting choices, height, weight, family dynamics, personal style, breakfast preferences or musical tastes.


It bears repeating: it’s time for us to create a world where there is NO MAMA LEFT BEHIND.

That will happen when there’s:

More celebration and less competition.

More elevation and less comparison.

More understanding and less judgement. 

More curiosity and less indifference.

More compassion and less fear. 

More supporting and less fixing.

More listening and less opining. 

More opening and less closing. 

More community and less isolation.

More ease and less pushing.

I have a million ideas about how to do that, and I’m bringing some of them into being bit by bit. So tell me what you think. What resonates. Give me your views and even have a tirade if that helps. You can either leave a comment below or email me directly here.

Either way, I’ll be delighted to welcome you in the MamaFuel Sisterhood!


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