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EP015: Gemma Went on how belief + trust = the secret to happiness & success

guests podcast Apr 10, 2019

Gemma Went is a shepherdess of overwhelmed entrepreneurs, a master at finding her way out of challenging situations, and a woman of clear sight and immensely generous heart. She’s also a being of exceptional talent and resources who found herself single, pregnant, out of a job and living in a friend’s spare room at 42 years of age.

Her journey from there to where she is today with her beloved son Jack, a beautiful blended family and a thriving business is a story worth hearing. In today’s episode Gemma and I talk about how she got from “holy crap, what now??” to “I’ve got this and we’re good” in a short amount of time, how belief is the key to everything and how cracking open the walls around her heart led not only to her incredible bond with Jack but also opened the door to a love beyond what she could have imagined.

Listen as Gemma talks about how when everything hit the fan, her deep trust in herself and faith that she’d be supported by the Universe if she kept moving forward propelled her to happiness, financial freedom and success. I loved Gemma’s reminder that if we question and face into the stories we tell ourselves and the things that trigger huge reactions in us, we can learn and heal very old wounds and move on from there to greater happiness.

Trigger alert: we talk about sexual abuse and bullying and some of our conversation may be upsetting to survivors. We also use some colourful language so best to listen with headphones for this episode!

Want to find out more about Gemma and the amazing work she does?

Head to https://gemmawent.co.uk/

You can watch the video of our call here.


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