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EP023: Amy McLaren's inspiring story of travel, love, learning and changing lives on a huge scale

guests podcast Apr 10, 2019

Ready to have your mind blown by what’s possible when you’ve got a vision and are open to watching it grow? Meet Amy McLaren, a super-inspiring, whole-hearted woman whose passion for travel and teaching led her to create a charity that’s since built dozens of schools for displaced children in Kenya. 

Amy is mama to two beautiful children, one of whom she and her husband adopted from South Africa. In the midst of her active life with a booming business, a growing charity and a house full of humans and fur, she keeps sight of what lights her up: travel and giving back.

This episode is on the long side because we had SO MUCH to talk about including Amy’s passion for travel, how she decided not to let having kids hold her back from seeing the world (with them and without them), how she and her husband make conscious time for themselves and how Village Impact, the charity they founded and have grown in the past few years, has shaped their lives and their broader community as it changes the lives of hundreds of families in Kenya. 

I had a great reminder about the power of others to teach us — specifically what the mama-infrastructure does for life in Kenyan villages (they know EVERYTHING and make it all happen) — and how approaching others and communities we don’t know with an open heart can create beautiful exchanges for all. 

Towards the end I also make two MAJOR announcements, so be sure to listen to those to find out more!

Click here if you’d like to find out more about Village Impact. 

You can watch the video of our call here.


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