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EP024: One time this summer... reconnecting after a long summer break

guests podcast Apr 10, 2019

Welcome to September, beauty! This summer was one of escaping to North America, pondering what “home” really means, and reconnecting with family and with my own JOY.

It was awesome. And long. Too long away from our beds. How was yours? Were you vagabonding or enjoying a staycation?

In today’s episode, recorded alongside a river, I catch you up on what’s been going on over the summer, talk about the importance of us taking time for ourselves and tell you the story of the carrot at the end of my summer. It was epic and involved more hugs than I’ve ever had in a 72-hour period, unicorns and sparkle aplenty, and carried on into my family when I got home. 

Between frog songs and crane squawks I also talk about one of the podcasts that inspire me, which you can find here, and tell you that Camp made me step forward in braveness to start something I’ve been dreaming about for YEARS (yes, really) and create a Village in your pocket. There’s nowhere to go to join, but visit the Facebook group and tell me in there if you’d like to join us, and I’ll add you to the waiting list. Telling you about it gives me butterflies, so there must be magic in there too!

Here’s the link to join our private Facebook group, and be sure to either post in there or message me that you want to learn more about the (as yet nameless) Village in your pocket!


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