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EP025: Laura Powner on anxiety and living courageously from the heart (instead of the "shoulds")

guests podcast Apr 10, 2019

Laura Powner is a powerhouse. Early in her adult life she ticked all the boxes of “success” as it’s set out for so many of us. But it’s her journey to becoming the woman she is today — a woman who now listens to her body, her soul and her longings and lets THOSE guide her decisions — that is the fascinating nugget at the core of today’s conversation. 

We meander from career to motherhood, through valleys of panic, to stretching our boundaries before we land at the heart of how Laura now leads her life: from her inner knowing, from her heart, from her soul.

I was fascinated to learn how Laura lived with crippling anxiety and panic for years, having been a powerful business woman who was in control of ALL THE THINGS. How motherhood shifted her priorities and how she let her intuition in and started listening to its wisdom not only for herself, but also with her clients as they explore their money stories, learn from Laura that they can put them down any time they want (yes, it’s true and so healthy). 

The most surprising moment for me was when Laura drew a link between her anxiety (which is something I also live with) and her psychic abilities. A complete and delightful surprise. I loved her story of bravery, how she now speaks and lives 100% “out there” for all to know and love her as she is, and the changes it’s prompted in her life. 

In fact, Laura has created her ideal life by living from that place of inner knowing and following the signs along the way. I’m feeling so inspired to lean into doing that much more than I do now, and I’d love to know what inspiration you got from this episode. 

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If you’d like to listen to the SuperSoul Sunday podcast I mention in this episode, head over here to listen. 

And finally, the quote I butchered (SO badly) is “your soul is covered by a thousand veils” by Hazrat Inayat Khan, and I haven’t been able to find the source but I’ll keep digging!

You can watch the video of our call here.


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