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EP032: Dr. Stephania Sciamano on radically evolving the feminine & attracting what you desire

guests podcast Apr 10, 2019

Dr. Stephania Sciamano is a healer, a naturopathic doctor, a shaman, a mother and one hell of a perspicacious woman who talks straight about our relationship with money, wealth and receiving being a direct result of how we care for and think of ourselves.

In this wide-ranging conversation Stephania and I talk about radically evolving the feminine AND the masculine to create a beautiful dance within ourselves and with the Divine. She shares how her path from pre-med student to shaman was anything but straight, what radical evolution looks like in her daily life and how we can radically evolve ourselves.

If talking soul, energy and trust is your jam, buckle up… this conversation is packed with gems about listening to the whispers of your soul, rebuilding your connection with the Divine and achieving a magical union between your inner feminine and masculine.

Stephania talks about something she frequently sees in women: our separation from the Divine and our belief that we’re not worthy to receive. I was hooked by her explanation of how she’s seen countless women find their way back to Source, union, wealth and easeful joy once they become aware of their unconscious willingness to be separate and heal that at its core. I’ll have some of that. How about you?

If you draw nothing else from this episode, remember this: once you create space and become in full approval of yourself, THEN (and only then) you begin to radically evolve your feminine, and you can reconnect with your healthy feminine and masculine incredibly strongly.

Today’s conversation is being published a week later than planned because I decided to take a REAL break. From the Internet, from work, from everything. But I’ve stepped back into the digital world to share with you a juicy and thought-provoking interview to carry us into the new year.

I suspect we’ll be back with a sequel to this conversation, but for now if you’d like to find out more about Stephania, check out her web site here and join her on Facebook here.

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You can watch the video of our call here.


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