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EP035: Julie Neale on living your EPIC life, podcast babies, activism and the importance of community

guests podcast Apr 10, 2019

OOOOhhh am I excited to share THIS ONE! My guest this week is Julie Neale, founder of the amazing Mother’s Quest podcast, coach and mama of two exceptional and amazing boys. She’s a sparkling soul whose podcast gave me the courage to start hosting these MamaFuel conversations.

Julie and I cover a lot of ground, from raising differently-wired kids to discovering your strengths and the support you have in community. I turn the tables on Julie and ask her to walk us through the guideposts that she follows in her own life and asks all of her guests to talk about – I really valued the insight into how Julie is living her E.P.I.C. life, sparked to the max with joy and delight at leading other mothers in discovering their version of epic living.  

Julie spoke movingly about her interview with Sybrina Fulton, whose son Trayvon died as a result of racial profiling and gun violence. Julie and her community are supporting Sybrina’s incredibly important initiative “Circle of Mothers” which allows mothers who have lost their children to gun violence to gather and heal in community.

If you’d like to help send some of these grieving mothers to Sybrina’s retreat, click this link: www.mothersquest.com/circleofmothers. Every contribution helps. Julie’s hoping that her community will be able to raise $15,000 and they’re two-thirds of the way there. I’d love our community to help her get to her goal.

Please click on the following link to hear Julie’s conversation with Sybrina Fulton and to find out more about their fundraising activities: http://mothersquest.com/ep55-sybrinafulton/

This is where you can listen to Julie’s episode with her son Ryan: http://mothersquest.com/ep-18-yolo-you-only-live-once-and-other-milestone-reflections-with-ryan-neale/

Julie’s conversation with Kristina Kusmić is here: http://mothersquest.com/ep-11-flawed-with-truth-bomb-mom-kristina-kuzmic/

Listen to her conversation with Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin is here: http://mothersquest.com/ep-24-elizabeth-cronise-mclaughlin/

And to her chat with Debbie Reber of TILT Parenting here: http://mothersquest.com/ep26-debbie-reber/

In this episode we also mentioned Jonathan Fields and his Good Life Project quite a few times. Jonathan was our common link and his Camp Good Life Project is where Julie and I met in real life.

Jonathan is the creator of so much goodness that I can’t encourage you enough to go to his page and drink it all in. Go: you’ll be so glad you did.

Here’s where you can learn about Jonathan’s work and discover his incredible (and my all-time favourite) podcast: https://www.goodlifeproject.com and here’s where you can take your own Sparketype test: https://www.goodlifeproject.com/sparketest/ and start thinking and having conversations about what really sparks you.

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