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EP036: Glyniss Trinder on running away to find herself

guests podcast Apr 10, 2019

Today’s guest once did what so many mamas occasionally dream of doing: she stepped away from everyone and everything and went in search of herself. She said yes to her needs and her life, and in doing so gave everyone in her family permission to do the same. How? By leaving home for longer than she believed was possible.  

In her search for solitude, Glyniss found what she’d needed the most: how to remember and reconnect to who she was. This week’s conversation centers around Glyniss’ brave decision to (temporarily) walk away from the family she’d built with her whole heart and soul. Glyniss explains how she totally lost her identity in striving to be more Walton-ish than Mrs Walton herself, and the dramatic steps she took to save herself. 

I won’t spoil it all for you by describing what came next, so dive in and share this episode with ALLLL mamas, no matter where they are on the journey. Even if they’re mamas-to-be, share this. I wish I’d heard some of the wisdom that Glyniss drops during our conversation before I headed down the rabbit hole of “perfect mothering” — an unachievable goal if ever there was one. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Glyniss’ story and her reminder that “when you light yourself up, you’re living for and on your purpose,” so head to our free Facebook group to tell me what you thought.

And if you haven’t yet done so, please subscribe to the podcast, rate it and leave a review! I’d love to know what you think and for you to share it. More mamas need to hear Glyniss’ message, and I’m excited to share it as broadly as possible. 

You can watch the video of our call here.

To find out more about Glyniss, head to www.glynisstrinder.com



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