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EP042: Sarah Sproule on talking to kids about sex in ways that connect and deepen bonds

guests podcast Apr 15, 2019

Many parents dread having "THE TALK" with their kids, fearful of using true anatomical language, saying too much or having to answer uncomfortable questions.

Today's guest, Sarah Sproule, learned first-hand about the importance of the talk AND how much of an impact having (or not having) the talk could have on her social circle and her children's network of friends. Ever since, Sarah's dedicated her life to helping parents navigate the potentially treacherous waters of talking about sex in ways that connect and build stronger bonds with their children.

We explore how to talk to your kids, framing their new knowledge in ways that will preserve their friendships (aka: you're lucky to know this stuff, not everyone's parents talk to them about this), how to talk to them about sexual pleasure, and how to create respectful boundaries around conversations that not every family is prepared to have. 

I loved Sarah's perspective on culture, and how we're now at the opposite of the "don't talk" spectrum where some people feel forced to talk about things they don't want to discuss yet with their children. We talk about sexting, videos, consent, cyber intimacy and so much more. Listen for the nugget later in our conversation when Sarah explains about the four-to-one ratio to help keep your relationship with your kids on the right track. 

To learn more about Sarah's work and find out how you can have supportive and loving conversations with your kids about sex, visit https://www.thetalk.ie/ and be sure to join our free Facebook group here to continue the conversation with other mamas.

You can watch the video of our call here


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