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EP053: Rachel Flower on the value of hard conversations, and women supporting each other

guests podcast Sep 21, 2019

Rachel Flower doesn’t shy away from challenging conversations. In fact, she encourages all those around her to engage in such conversations as often as possible. That’s because she knows first-hand the value of truth-telling and the strong bonds that can be created (or repaired) through open, loving and curious conversation.

In this week's episode, Rachel and I talk about her deep experience of grief – first losing her parents and her brother at a very young age and later supporting her youngest daughter through her successful fight with leukaemia. Rachel knows that relationships, communication and support matter more than anything else.

I was touched hearing Rachel explain how, in times of crisis, many people fell away and others stepped up to offer support in ways she’d never expected. Her story of building a community around her family and later supporting others in establishing powerful tribes is still reverberating through my heart.

Rachel is definitely my people: anyone who dispenses with small-talk in favour of connecting bravely, heart-to-heart with those around her, is a person who is changing the world. Her reminder that everything and everyone matters rings so true for me, and I know it will with you too. Enjoy this.

If you’d like to get to know Rachel further, you can find her on Instagram here or check out her web page here

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