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EP058: Living her (un)Scripted Life: Lizzy Russinko on connection, curiosity and creativity in life and mothering

guests podcast Oct 22, 2019

What a pleasure it was to talk to this week's guest, and to listen to our conversation again. My guest Lizzy Russinko is a dear soul, a wildly talented artist, a loving and conscious mama of two and a wise woman whose friendship I cherish in my heart.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast in the past few months you’ll have heard me reference this conversation over and over – so I’m doubly thrilled to share it! Lizzy and I talk about the importance of community, especially when you’re in the thick of the newborn phase. I love her idea of treating everyone she meets as if they’re new… so she never feels isolated because she’s always welcoming everyone else, including in places she’s never been. It’s such an effective way of including yourself and others. I can’t wait to use it!

What most impacted me, though, was when Lizzy illuminated a simple but often-forgotten fact: any time we meet someone, we are only seeing and getting to know them as they are in THAT moment. We have no idea who or how they’ve been in the past, nor how or whom they’ll be in the future. If we approach each other (and ourselves) with curiosity, compassion and forgiveness our relationships will deepen and improve. 

Who were you before? Who are you becoming? How can you forgive yourself for what you may or may not have done to take loving care of yourself at different seasons in your life? There’s so much juice in this conversation that I just want you to get it into your ears NOW. In fact, this episode deserves to be listened to more than once so you can capture all the goodness within.

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Here's where you can find Lizzy's beautiful art and connect with her:


And here's her Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/lizzyrussinko/?hl=en

Finally, Lizzy mentioned RIE parenting; you can read more about that on this web site: https://www.janetlansbury.com/


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