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EP061: Lindsay Bong on taking up space and asking for help as a self-love practice

guests podcast Nov 28, 2019

Lindsay Bong hurtled head-first into marriage, motherhood and all that comes with both big life changes. Now that the dust has settled, she reflects on her early years as a mama living in a new state with a new husband and a new life... while grappling with her identity, her role as a mama and the challenges of creating a vibrant community around her.

I loved our conversation about learning to ask for what you need, and how as you get more comfortable asking for help (and surviving if the answer is no) you get clearer on what you need and how to get those needs met. 

In addition to being a very funny human, a loving mama and an adventurous being, Lindsay is a therapist whose compassion for her patients took some finessing before she could offer it to herself. 

Lindsay now keeps a list of what makes her most herself, and consults it often when she's feeling funky. I'm going to do the same, and wonder if you might join us?

If you liked this conversation and would like to connect with Lindsay, check out her gorgeous art  or listen to the podcast she's created with her husband Koes and their friend Sam. If you haven't already, click here to join the MamaFuel Virtual Village so we can keep this conversation going. Have a gorgeous week. 


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