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EP018: Julie Creffield on daring to take up space and living beyond self-doubt

guests podcast Apr 10, 2019

Julie Creffield is a powerhouse. Her ability to smash seemingly “big, fat, stupid goals” (as she calls them) is inspiring. Take yesterday, for example. Yesterday she completed her first-ever olympic distance triathlon in Paris, having begun training only six weeks before. She nailed it. As she’s nailed many B-I-G challenges she’s set herself.

Julie is a single mama, a prominent figure in the UK running world and a plus-sized athlete who’s run more marathons than most of us ever dream of entering. Fresh off the back of her first TEDx Talk in Folkestone a few weeks ago, Julie and I talk about the importance of dropping our obsession with how we LOOK and focusing instead on what and whom we all are. In a conversation that ranges from fat shaming to thigh chafing (it’s a thing) to raising girls and daring to take up space, Julie and I jam on things that matter a great deal to both of us as women, as mothers and as humans being on this earth right now.

To find out more about Julie, go to: www.juliecreffield.com and to find out more about her incredible feats of athletic prowess (or simply to get hella inspired), visit http://toofattorun.co.uk/. Seriously. Go there. You’ll dissolve every single excuse you’ve ever dug up to avoid moving your amazing body and you’ll DO SOMETHING. And you’ll be so happy you moved.

You can watch the video of our call here.


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