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EP019: Rachel Davis on coming back to life through music

guests podcast Apr 10, 2019

Ever met a real, human firecracker? You’re about to. Rachel Davis is a high-vibe full-time single mama whose journey back to life from being totally lost to herself happened through music. The change was so powerful that it swept away all the cobwebs and left her polished, thirsty for life and true connection, and committed to making a huge difference for herself, her boys and anyone she meets.

Rachel and I bonded over a passion for dancing, but also over a shared commitment to be our best selves: for ourselves, for our kids and for the world.

In this conversation we talk about the value of apologising, the essential value of Rachel’s Magic Morning Practice, and how she used both music and her sacred morning time to come back to life after a period of feeling disconnected from herself, her boys and the world around her. 

A fellow champion of self-love, self-forgiveness and self-kindness, Rachel is my kind of woman and an extraordinary mama. She reminds us that sometimes we give at the expense of ourselves, and that we need to stop before we get too depleted. 

One of my favourite quotes from our talk is this: “when things get too heated, just get in the boat with them, and agree. The more you connect, quicker they’ll calm down.”

So good. For this and more magic from Rachel, listen in and then head into our Facebook group to tell us what you thought of the episode. 

Want to learn more about Rachel’s work with music? Head to https://www.lalatigers.com/ and say hello. 

You can watch the video of our call here.


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