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EP038: Musings and passions of an 11 year-old with her mama (meet my daughter, Carolina)

guests podcast Apr 10, 2019

This week I’m proud to introduce you to the little being who made me a mama. Her name is Carolina, and she’s an incredibly special soul, a super smart girl and a wonderful, complicated, being.

We’re heading into the preteen years and today’s conversation, as well as being a time capsule of where she’s at and how she’s thinking, is probably representative of the concerns and priorities shared by a lot of kids her age. 

We talk about dyslexia, what it was like to be undiagnosed and struggling at school, how it felt to get help with her dyslexia, bullying, big transitions and getting used to new circumstances.

Carolina shares her thoughts on what parents can do if they think their kids are struggling with dyslexia or any other learning differences, what she thinks about some new guidelines we’ve just agreed in our family and how she feels about a MASSIVE event that happened on the day of recording.

It’s an unusual and sometimes funny episode which I’ve left totally unedited, because that’s how we roll. I adore my girl, I’m privileged to be her mama and I can’t wait for every single day we spend together. She blows my mind every day and I’m happy to share a little of our bond with you.

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